Moroccan rugs will make your home feel statement. They are considered to be the most attractive rugs in the today’s world of interior design. Everyone strives to achieve the perfect decoration that can be be flaunted to relatives and in the same time, be a comfort zone to feel relax after a hard day. Your rug will be an expression of yourself and will reflect your personality because your home decoration represent how you feel and who you are.


Our rugs are stunning floor art, but also functional and resistant to time. We select the best quality of rugs and pay our artisans fairly to choose the best quality of wool. Wool is an important aspect to determine the quality. It brings comfort, solidity and warmth. Wool purifies the air by absorbing pollutants. We use 100% natural sheep wool of Morocco. It is environmentally friendly, renewable and easy to maintain. Indeed, a vacuum cleaner blow per week in soft mode allows to give it a new aspect


Having a Moroccan rug is a worthwhile long term investment that you can pass down for your generations to come. While a rug is sold, you will never be able to find  similar ones. Some vintage rugs are very hard to find today. Our rugs was handwoven in rural villages in the Mountains, far away from the cities. Weaving a rug require lots of skill and experience. Some women that produced rugs in the 70’s no longer exercises today. The knowledge, the tribe, the age of a rug, the patterns and the experience of the weavers determines the scarcity of a rug.


Making a moroccan rug take lots of patience and effort. From the natural material of wool, many steps will be put in place before finishing a carpet. Several weeks or even months are necessary. When you acquire one of our rugs, you help not only to perpetuate this traditional know-how, to preserve a part of the Berber heritage, but you help us also to develop of all our direct and indirect local artisans and different women cooperative that work for us everyday and work with passion.


Each of our rugs is unique and have their own little peculiarities from previous lives that bring all the charm. Like every vintage item, our rug has some typical characteristics and imperfections. We believe that this is what make a handmade product so special and truly timeless.


While choosing our service, you are supporting indirectly all our local artisans that contribute to perpetuate this incredible textile creation. You don’t just pay for a handmade product unique like each of us, but you’re paying for time spent on searching materials and creating each piece ; cleaning and restoring ; delivery service ; a piece of a soul and heart ; a passion ; a moment of someone’s life ; a culture ; hours of failures and frustration ; finishing and packaging.


Their exuberant color palette, visual texture, bold design and ancient symbols offer a high quality piece of art that stand the test of time. They are the perfect balance for your space with any other modern furniture. They represent the most characteristic aspect of the country’s cultural heritage. The soul of the rug reflects the Moroccan landscape, the freedom and the modest nomadic life of the Amazigh people.