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Beni M’Guild Tribe

Beni M’Guild Moroccan rug featuring a geometric zigzag pattern in an unusual colour palette. They are thick, deep pile rugs and was made for protection against the harsh winters and climate of the Middle Atlas mountains.

Twenty-five miles north or Khenifra, a narrow road leads eastward to the small village of Ain Leuh, market town for the Beni M’Guild rug. Their carpets have a relatively always a similar format, heavy pile with symmetrical compositions containing lengthwise bans of diamonds, half-diamonds designs separated by rows of tufts and different symbols.

This Berber territory is populated with giant trees, waterfalls and lakes. They support a very harsh climate, which is why the Beni M’Guild rug are very thick. These marvelous pieces have the particularity of being, for the most part, united knotted carpets, in absolutely amazing colors. Subtle blue green, purple, berry colors or red brown in distinct densities. There are no borders, and the color range includes bright yellow and blues. The nuances created by the staggering of work over time give rise to waves of different tonalities. There are patterns of lozenges, herringbone or even fish bones.  Male symbols (like herringbone or fish bones)  are no less numerous, but just less visible, as they occupy the space differently and it’s generally frame female motifs. These are usually patterns in strips or bars.

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