Moroccan rug

Beni M’Rirt Rug

They are the luxurious new kind of rugs of Morocco, made with the best quality of sheep wool and produced with a lot of skill by the women who produced until today the rugs with the traditional weaving art.

Beni M’rirt is a city of the Middle Atlas in Morocco, it is the second municipality of the province of Khénifra, 30 km north of its chief town, located at 1113 m altitude. Its urban development is due to the presence of rich mineral resources at Jbel Aouam, Ighram Aoussar, Sidi Ahmed, Tighza, from which lead, zinc, silver, gold and tungsten are extracted. Its exploitation dates back to the European Middle Ages. The city of M’rirt has long been a place of passage, little by little we have seen a population of Amazigh but also Arab. The first traces of life in M’rirt date back to the European Middle Ages.

The Symbolism of the Berber carpet is the expression of a primordial fertility cult, originating from remote early civilizations. There is no other form of artisan art in which this ancient symbolism has remains so alive until today. This is the unique particularity significance of the Berber carpet.

In general, the artistic composition of the carpets, uses simple patterns that all have meanings, however: The zigzag, a mode of travel, also represents the water for more contacts. The beetle is the symbol of protection against the evil eye.The teapot in reference to the welcome and friendliness dear of the villagers. Butterflies, flowers or stars symbolize feminine beauty. The twigs express the plants and the tree of life. The palm tree, the camel indicates the sufferings and the patience of the Berber woman. The fibula “Takhlalt” is an accessory that refers to femininity and beauty, as well as tattoo patterns. The Berber cross, often in the center of the carpet, recalls the architecture of the kasbah (house).


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