Moroccan rug

Chichaoua Tribe

The Bousbaa-Chichaoua tribe come from the city of Chichaoua, a few kilometers of the Moroccan region of Marrakesh-Safi.

The Province of Chichaoua is bounded by the Province of Essaouira in the West, the Province of AL Haouz and the prefecture of Marrakesh Menara in the East, the Province of Youssoufia in the North and the Province of Taroudante in the South. Its privileged geographical position constitutes a forced passage towards the South of the Kingdom and towards West towards Essaouira and Safi. Chichaoua is an agricultural city of Morocco, counting approximately 20’000 inhabitants. The Moroccan countryside, between Marrakech and Essaouira, takes on a timeless air with the shepherds who, for centuries, have kept their herds of sheep in the shade of large straw hat. Each region of Morocco creates a style of rug with its own patterns and colors.

Herds of sheep in the Chichaoua Region benefit from climatic and geographical conditions that are conducive to livestock farming. South of Chichaoua, a broad band of vegetation follows the course of the wadi. Berbers are home to goats and sheep in numbers. These two species provide the wool of Chichaoua rugs. Berber women have long been familiar with the preparation of wool. They use the natural colors (white, beige, black, gray) of the wool to create patterns on the carpets.

The vintage Chichaoua rug can serve perfectly for any living area adding value to the modernist furniture of the space made out of wood, metal or leather. The Chichaoua rug will look spectacular in your master bedroom. For a stunning effect, place it next to your modern sofa.

During the French presence in Morocco, there was the demand from Europe of densely knotted red carpets with a velvety appearance. Today, the madder red carpet has become the quasi emblem of the city of Chichaoua. They found this beautiful red color in a plant whose roots provide red pigments. According to the technique of manufacture and the quality of the roots, the colors can go from pink to carmine red, by way of yellow orange, light red or purple. Generally, dry soil will give pale colors (yellow, light orange or light red). Moist soil and a vigorous plant will produce blood-red tints.

Moroccan rugs, handwoven from the finest wool in the tribal villages of the Maghreb, are considered to be the most desirable rugs in the today’s world of interior design. The rug motifs design can be viewed as a “map of life” of the Berber woman.

Your Chichaoua carpet can be used as a center piece in a stylish urban studio or a minimalist house. Use it also at your wedding ceremony or any other festive occasion to add more charm and vibes. The composition of the large vintage rug features intricately interwoven patterns of a wine-red background. With its rich artistic expression and bold, colorful style, this masterpiece will bring comfort and visual satisfaction to your living or work space, adding a unique accent to your lounge or bedroom.

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