Moroccan rug

Glaoui Tribe

The Glaoui rugs come from Glaoua (Glawa), a region lost in the middle of the nature of the High Atlas near to Marrakesh. Others tribes belong to the Glaoui like: Oulad Ben Othman, Oula El Aiachi, Oulad Brahim, Oulad Bou Zian, Oulad Said and Oulad Amer.

The mountain in Glawa is sumptuous and devoid of forests. His austerity rugged beauty and nudity, however, gives him a wild grandeur. The Chleuh call it “adrar n’deren” which means mountain. There, the arid, wet and cold mountains are covered with snow part of the year. The Berber cling to it yet, taking advantage of the little land that remains deep valleys and rivers.

The rugs are handcrafted and represents a unique style of its kind. It combines in itself all the arts of carpet weaving. It’s both woven, knotted and embroidered with natural wool. Evidently, Glaoui weavings are valuable pieces of art representing the skills and talents of our craftswomen. Their value increases as the time goes by, making of them a valuable heritage that should be preserved.The art of weaving for the Berber woman is not just an ordinary household activity, but more importantly she expresses her feelings and emotions, and everything she can’t express verbally.

In general, the artistic composition of the carpets uses simple patterns that all have meanings, however: The zigzag, a mode of travel, also represents the water for more contacts. The beetle is the symbol of protection against the evil eye. The teapot in reference to the welcome and friendliness dear to the villagers. Butterflies flowers or stars symbolize feminine beauty.The twigs express the plants and the tree of life. The palm tree, the camel indicate the sufferings and the patience of the Berber woman.The fibula “Takhlalt” is an accessory that refers to femininity and beauty, as well as tattoo patterns. The Berber cross, often in the center of the carpet, recalls the architecture of the kasbah.

Moroccan interior style is well-known for its exotic charm. Intricate details, the quality weaving, the purity of material and traditional methods of artistry add value to the Glaoui carpets. Be creative and place your vintage carpet in any space of your home. The rug in noble red, orange and saffron hues are essential if you wish to create authentic oriental ambience in your living space.

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