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Ourika Tribe, Berber Rug Marrakesh

Ourika rugs are often associated with the “Azilal rugs,” which are produced a little further down below in the High Atlas Mountain of Morocco. These rugs feature strong creativity and design, combining with tribal symbols and abstract irregular patterns.

Ourika carpets come from the region of Ourika in the High Atlas Mountain of southern Morocco, located 30 km from Marrakesh. Despite its proximity to the famous city of Marrakesh, it is still today considered like a relatively preserved valley, both in its nature and its traditional mountain lifestyle.

The rug is the silent writing without words of the weavers. Marriage is the high point and turning point in her life, when she leaves her family in early life, to bear children in new surroundings. It’s clear that this capital event must be recorded inside the rug. The Berber woman is closely linked to her carpet. She weaves and knots at her own loom at home in the village. Here she is actively creative and work freestyle with only her experience. The particular knot allows her, while remaining tied to the traditional forms of her tribe, to introduce her own intuition and imagination, her wishes and cares in her work.

Moroccan rugs are known worldwide and this is the art form that the Moroccan people have perfected in the course of centuries. The Ourika rugs occupy very special place among their diverse variety and you can directly recognize a rug from Ourika.

Bold, geometric, colorful shape pattern will bring active energy and authenticity to your home. This Berber carpet is a nice fit for any eclectic and bohemian home design. The rug can serve as a centerpiece in a lounge or super fun for a child’s room. Install it at a public event such as a gallery opening and have your guests enjoy its richness and ethnic style. These bright colors, warm and pop will give a lot of character to your room.

Berber Carpet Marrakesh

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