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The Famous Tuareg rug Tribe 

Tuareg tribes are a nomadic and romantic desert-dwelling warriors of the Moroccan and Mauritanian Desert. Their lifestyle is reflected in the wisdom of their durable and rare mats. A vintage Tuareg mat can be used as a cover for tile, wood or stone floors in living areas inside or outside your home, perfect for summer. In winter, you can add on the top the Tuareg a wool rug, to create a different style. Decorated with intricate hand woven leather strands from goat or camel and with palm and reeds, the Tuareg mat is incredibly resistant, made for some of the hottest weather conditions in the world. Each is individual and very unique. The Tuareg Rug  features an incredible geometrical pattern and is a high-quality piece. Make this special rug a central piece of your decoration.


In many ways, Tuareg mats are symbols of a real philosophy of life. Made primarily in the early 20th century, when endless caravans migrated through North Africa, the mats were designed to support a nomadic way of life. Before moving to a new location, the Tuareg people rolled up their homes, which were built, covered and furnished with the mats.

Tuareg Rug  are being sourced in the Sahara Desert and Mauritania, an area of more than one million square kilometers for only four million inhabitants. Dunes and regs of the Sahara spread over two thirds of the territory before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast. A hot and dry desert climate that makes the living conditions difficult in some areas. The desert of Mauritania, like the rest of the Sahara, was at the time a high place of commerce. Slaves, spices, gold, jewels and so many other goods but also a place of exchange ideas and culture.

The Tuareg carpet features unique geometry with a long work of weave and it is really viewed more as a work of art than a simple carpet. In summer, it’s an ideal addition to a master bedroom or winter garden and in winter, you can overlay a woolen rug on the top. The sophisticated symbolism set against the brown background creates a stunning effect.