The basics of interior design

Interior design is all about space projects, furniture decoration, and architecture. It is a kind of art that helps you make your interior feel like home. To be able to learn interior design, all you need to have is a creative mind and some basis of home decoration styles. 

Interior Design vs Interior Decoration

To compare Interior design and home decoration, they are not completely similar but they complete each other. Interior design is a specific profession that focuses on architecture, space planification and furniture design. The home decoration comes at the end. It is the last part to finalize our decoration with some color combination that will match the atmosphere we are searching. Interior design is the scientific part of home construction and the home decoration is the creative part.

Interior Design Principles

The first thing you should think about it for your Home decoration is the balance. One of the most important principle step interior design is thinking about creates a feeling of equilibrium and visuelle distribution, if we talking about balancing  is all about :


  • Symmetrical or formal 


  • Asymmetrical or Informal.

Rythm :

We can take music as the best example to explain what Rhythm is. It is all about a repetition and contrast to create a visual interest. We create this Rythm by using the same colors or shape at different intervals.

Harmony : 

Harmony is all about connecting. It is the combination of elements that react together to create your unique design. 

Color : 

Choosing your color palette from dark to light is one of the most important parts of Home decoration that we should care about. After choosing the colors for your interior, we can then think about the design look.

Tips to start your home decoration

Ready to start your decoration ? Then follow these 3 steps to create a great result.

Step 01 : What’s your personality ?

Take time to know what is your type of style that you want to have in your home. Are you more for traditional, Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, Boho-Chic, Campaign, Mediterranean, Rustic, Shabby Chic etc… Then try to organize your space with this style and spend some time to identify the elements you want. 

Step 02 : Write a plan 

Organizing all your ideas by writing a plan is important for any planification. You can then see what you should start with and fix your budget.

Step 03 : Last step

The funniest and most exciting step. You can start placing all the elements of decoration in your home.

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